Down-to-earth and simple-to-understand, the AEQ method teaches you how to do just that, from the comfort of your home.

Now finally available in English.


That feeling of soreness and stiffness constantly…

And occasional pain in that same spot…

…Maybe the pain lingers…

Maybe it stays for the night, and you can’t get a good night’s sleep.

Maybe it stayed forever, and just perhaps, you can feel it right now…

I can SHOW you it doesn’t have to be this way, but only if you listen carefully.

You see…

Did you get that checked out?

Is it tight, sore, and tired muscles that you lost the ability to relax?

It turns out that’s quite common.


You are part of 20% of people who will have to deal with chronic body pain at some point.

But unlike them, my friend, you are about to discover…


That will help you get rid of it forever.

Let me ask you this:

What were you planning on doing about the pain?

Well, I checked into that, and people usually go for one of three ways:


They massage the area.

This gets rid of the symptoms but not the cause, and the pain always comes back.


They try to stretch the tight muscle.

You really shouldn’t be doing that. The short-term symptomatic relief it gives from releasing some of the pressure can easily backfire – at the end of the day, stretching puts even more stress on the muscle.


They try to strengthen. 

Usually, one exact muscle, to try and “balance out”. It’s usually the opposing or antagonist muscle to the one in pain. They say the stronger muscle will take some of the pressure off. Might even work, if you do it for the rest of your life. 

All of these focus on the symptoms and ask the wrong question.

The question is not how to massage, stretch or strengthen but:

How to stop tightening the muscle in the first place?

Clap, clap.

It took me six years to figure that out.

Asking the right question is the first step.

The next step is so radical and out-of-the-box, it will blow your umbilical cord clean off.


It all makes intuitive sense; you won’t believe nobody told you this before.

If it’s not massaging, stretching, or strengthening, then what is it?


and relaxing them yourself!

How do you do that?

I’m glad you asked.

Read this following sentence carefully and pay attention to what every word is telling you.

What you have to do is:

Repete slow and controlled, simple movements while focusing your attention on the feelings these movements produce IN your body.

You see…

What this does is:  it trains your ability to feel your body.

And if you do the right movements correctly, it helps you feel the right parts of your body.

As simple as everything else, the more you do it, the better you get at it.

As you get better at feeling the feelings within your body, it becomes easier to:


Feel the muscles that are tensing and causing the c.p.


Release these tensing muscles.

Simple right?

Simple yes…

But not easy.

It takes patience and time.

But, a proper practice pays dividends in gold.

This was your “feel your body” yogi/meditation mantra, explained simply and understandably.

And this is what the AEQ method® is all about.

It’s about simple, pragmatic explanations and slow, deliberate movements, with your attention on the feelings these movements produce in your body.

Practiced solo or in groups, in person, or with the help of ZOOM.

Best imagined as a sort of guided dynamic meditation.


Literally, thousands of Slovenians are already helping them selfs right now. 

Branko P. Testamonial

Branko P.

I really wish I would have come into contact with this method before. I realised it’s not me getting older that is causing my pain but sensory-motor-amnesia. The most important thing is not, getting stronger, or more into “shape” it’s all about feeling your body. Your body is the one that will tell you what it needs and if you know how to listen to it it will not hurt. You know this is the kind of thing I have heard before, but never has it stuck with me so well. I guess it’s the exercises that help you feel these things.

To answer your question if I would recommend it. Of course, I would, my wife is already going and you know it.

Nina M. Testamonial

Irena T.

My lower back used to really acke sometimes. Especially when I would wake up. This kind of stiffness and aching I really had no explanation for. At first, I thought it was because of my chair so I changed that. Didn’t help at all. Then I went to my doctor and he told me this is quite common and I should do more sports things. I tried swimming and that helped but the pain would come back if I would get lazy. Now I know why. I don’t go swimming anymore, I just do the exercises Kajetan showed me like the arch and flatten and that other one with your hand in the Jesus position (i forgot the name). They help a lot. I can finally feel the tightness on my own, I use to just feel pain.

Niko P. Testamonial

Niko P.

I bought the lower back crash course after the presentation on Zoom. Everything just made so much sense and my back felt better after doing just one exercise. So I thought, ok lets do it.

I learned a lot in those six sessions, defenetly worth the investment.

The zoom sessions were split between explenations and exercises. The explenations helped me understand and the exercises give me relief that I was looking for. I still do the exercises most days.

If I have the time and money I will defenetly attend the next course when available.

Alex M. Testamonial

Alex. M.

I was looking for answeres and I finally found them. My scoliosis has been giving me back pain for the better part of my life. I went to three different specialists, spent money on shoe inserts, did every exercise known to men and still it didnt help. The pain was ever present.

Out of all of those specialists nobody even told me the point was to relax the muscels. I spent three years doing side crunches trying to realign my spine. I didnt help and the pain never went away.

AEQ method quite litterly changed my life. Kajetan explained the problem I was having like nobody else could. I have been doing the exercises for two months now and I can tell you that I can finnaly control the pain. Kajetan tells me that scoliosis is a hell of a diagnosis and full recovery is unlekley. But I refuse to belive and one day I know I will suceed.

David D. Testamonial

Blaž B.

I always thought that 19 was way to young to be having back pain. Now I realise it’s not about age but my ability to stay in touch with my body.

I know Kajetan personally and he has helped me so much. He has showed me why it hurts and what to do about it. He is always there for me and always seems to know just what to say.

I have never done exercises over zoom before but it seems like a good idea.



If you read the text above, you now understand what you have to do about your pain.

But understanding alone can’t help you.

You must take action.

The relief you will feel after your first AEQ exercise® will take you from understanding simple facts to realizing what this means.

It means that a life without chronic pain is possible.

And with this realization, action will become inevitable.

I am so sure about this that I will show you for FREE. 

All you have to do is join my next live ZOOM presentation.

And I’m taking LIVE-LIVE.

Not a fake prerecorded presentation where some guy wastes an hour of your time trying to sell you stuff you don’t need.

Just me guiding a small group of people through their first AEQ exercise®.

All you have to do is join…


The presentations are held in groups of 5.

So as you can imagine, they fill up very FAST.

If you see an empty spot, I suggest you take it.

Those who didn’t get a spot (or are too shy to take it just yet) should join our mailing list.

There is way more you need to learn, and this text is long enough as it is.