Guaranteed to help or money back!

Last updated January 29, 2023

We know buying anything online, and especially services, is risky.

What if this is not for you?
What if it’s not helping?
What if it’s too hard?
What if you have some expected stuff to do and can’t attend the classes?

You may have changed your mind.

Your reason doesn’t matter; we believe in our services and demand 100% customer satisfaction.

If you are unsatisfied and more than half of the program has yet to pass*, you can request a full refund for any reason.

*For crash courses, you can request a refund before day 4. You can request a refund for complete courses in the first 15 days of the program.


Refund process

Please let us know about your request at (You can use the form in the footer), remember to mention your order ID.