Rules for participating in our workshops

by | Mar 5, 2023

In order for you and others who attend our courses to receive the most from them, it is paramount that you agree that you will participate fully and understand what this means.

The free presentations and crash courses are live seminars on the ZOOM platform. An AEQ teacher® guides them, and a small group attends. Usually, 5-10 students.

When you apply to any of our seminars, you agree to the following:

  • Turn your camera on.
  • Speak if spoken to.
  • Use your real name.
  • Participate in the AEQ exercises®.
  • When doing the exercises, adjust the camera so we can see you.
  • Allow the AEQ teacher® to see you while performing the AEQ exercises®.

If you fail to consent to the rules when instructed to do so by the AEQ teacher®, he will have to remove you from the seminar.

Why are the seminars LIVE and not pre-recorded?

For the students to receive the most from AEQ exercises®, they must thoroughly understand the principles behind the practice and the goal of each exercise. To achieve this, you must have the option to ask and receive answers. This can only happen LIVE and is the only way to fill the information vacuum and prepare you adequately for the exercise.

The AEQ teacher® needs to see how you are doing the exercises. AEQ exercises® are slow and controlled movements guided only by the teacher’s voice. The only way for the teacher to see where you are deviating from the instructions is to see you LIVE, right there and then.

AEQ exercises® must be done with your full conscious attention and not as a subconscious repetition of what you have already learned. LIVE this is easily achieved because you never know what’s coming. If you could replay the exercises, sooner or later, you would know them “by heart” or, better yet, subconsciously, and the effects would be lost.

So that you listen carefully and pay full attention to the practice, you must know that you cannot pause, rewind, re-do, skip parts, or complete exercises. This and the fact that the teacher is watching you will both motivate you to give your best. This can only be achieved LIVE.

Why do I need to show myself on camera?

The internet can be scary – lots of weird things are going on. The people in the groups will be strangers, and at the start, so will the AEQ teacher®. To get through this ASAP and make it easy for the teacher to create an open and friendly atmosphere, we request that you be present and there with us. If you want to help yourself, you can’t take neither the presentation nor the courses half-heartedly, so paying attention is in your best interest.

The AEQ teacher® needs to see his students in real life while they do the exercises. This helps him help you because:

  1. If he sees you have trouble following the instructions, he can repeat them to ensure you understand them.
  2. He can receive collective feedback or “get the vibe” of how his guidance is received and adjust accordingly.
  3. He can see the subconscious movements you can’t (they are subconscious non the less). You see, if you have chronic pain, you are tensing up different muscles without knowing. This is a subconscious thing; you can’t yet feel, but someone could maybe see.

If you decide to join our journey, your teacher will get to know you. The sooner he can connect your face to your name, the sooner he can start doing that.

You, by yourself, can only control and see the conscious part of your being. The subconscious is so named because it is beneath our consciousness – we can’t really see it or realize it, if you will. When you show yourself, you allow the AEQ teacher® to see your subconscious movements and help you spot and change them. Change is something the subconscious fears the most. Remember, this is the same part of you leading you from pain to eventual injury. Change is scary but also to be expected. Here you have a chance to change to a better you; don’t let the subconscious fear blow this for you.

Why do I need to participate in the conversation?

You don’t; just a wave, so we know you can hear, is okay. If you are shy, skeptical, or just observing, it’s okay. Still, telling your story, asking questions, getting feedback, and genuinely trying to wrap your mind around all of this is in your best interest. We are here to help you; grab the chance.

Why do I need to use my real name?

The teacher will try and get to know you. Make it easy for us, and use the same name in all your communications with us. Your name, while in ZOOM, must be written as “Name Last name” so that we can address you correctly and not confuse you with someone else. Everybody who fails to do so will be removed from the seminar.

Why do I need to participate in the AEQ exercises®?

The seminar usually consists of theory/questions and then exercises. Participation in the exercises is necessary to allow the students a safe space, knowing that everybody is doing the same as they are, and they don’t have to worry or think about others.

Why do I have to place my camera correctly?

For the teacher to be able to see you, your camera must show you correctly from your head down to your toes. You can read more about this here.